About the Archive

This archive aims to preserve and make available Star Trek references, such as Set Blueprints, Concet Art, LCARS, ship models etc. The site is run by Redgeneral.

Our main focus is on the blueprints used to create the various sets of Star Trek shows and movies.

It started back in 2014, I had found that several websites that once had images of set plans were returning “Error 404” - website dead. So I placed all the ones I had saved in archive and reached out to the TrekBSS community. They shared their images and the archive grew.

Since then, myself and many members of TrekBBS have sought out auction photos, book scans, and images from websites. Some of us have been fortunate to acquire original set blueprints and scan them for the archive.

Recently our efforts to preserve have widened the scope and added images of the CGI models and photos of the LCARS.

As extensive as the archive is, there are still large gaps. So I work on reverse engineering the sets using the blueprints as a start. These projects (Runabout Project, Voyager Project, and Galaxy Project) are released incrementally, with each PDF file under a creative commons licence.

Hopefully these resources can help with others with their own projects - fan art, fan films etc.

It is not this site's intention to encourage any commercial activity regarding the Star Trek properties.
Star Trek is copyright Paramount Global